Ready to remove the guesswork of parenting an under 4 year old - but don't know how?

Time In Toolkit™ is your tantrum-taming, problem-solving, connection-creating workshop and topic bundle for little ones and their grown-ups
- right when you need it the most. 

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8 topics | 80 video clips | 6 workshops (video + audio)  | 3 expert guides | mp3 downloads | fb community
- and printables for your fridge!


Simple parenting techniques that really, really, work. 

Time In Toolkit™ removes some of the guesswork, stress and frustration that often accompanies early childhood. Yours - and theirs. 


  • No more meltdowns.
  • Fewer tears.
  • Less parenting stress.
  • More smiles.
  • Complete understanding.
  • Greater connection.

Time In Toolkit™ combines fun with practical and effective parenting tools. 

Ones that are simple to understand and, importantly, quick to put into practice. 

Self paced. Instant access. Tools that you can start using right now.

The results?
Trust, shared understanding and greater confidence that yes, yes, you are getting it right today.

Hold up!  What...?  How?

We do it all through baby signing.

If you haven't heard of baby signing before, it's simplified sign language especially adapted for babies and toddlers and their important grown ups.

But not just any baby signing. 
This is baby signing, the Little Signers Club way.

Together we’ve discovered that babies as young as ten weeks old can let us know that they want their milk, a nappy change or you - around whom their world revolves - with their tiny hands but without the need to cry. 

And we’ve found that our signing toddlers are so confident of being understood - so communicative of their needs and joys and the wonders of their world - that tantrums, tears and misunderstandings are removed, almost completely.  (Truly - and the toddler years are ones that you don't want to miss for the world.)

In fact, baby signing with us is so simple to get right and so effective in it's results, that you'll wonder why on earth everyone isn’t doing it

Isn't is amazing to think that something as simple as sign language can change the world, entirely, for your little one? 

All with your loving support, your hands - and a sprinkle of Little Signers Club know-how. 

You are not alone

Our recent parenting survey, of life at home with an under 4 year old, showed us that...

struggle with their little one's big feelings, tantrums and tears
have concerns about their children’s emotional health
want more cuddles, connection, fun and baby giggles

What's inside Time In Toolkit™ ?

Everything inside Time In Toolkit™ has been created with busy family life in mind.

And to give you confidence that you can get baby signing right, right from the start.

Discover our gentle philosophy and award winning three-fold approach.

  • simple communication techniques that you can start today
  • easy to learn, relevant, baby signing topics for work, home and play
  • respectful care solutions for connection, confidence and well-being

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Part 1: Head, Hands and Happy Hearts.

If you've never used baby signing before, or are new to Little Signers Club, we've got you covered.

Head, Hands and Happy Hearts is a 6 part series of recorded live replay workshops, complete with all the baby signing tips and know-how you’ll need for a confident start:

  • Workshop 1: The Benefits of Baby Signing

  • Workshop 2: Is Your Baby Ready to Sign? and Wind The Bobbin Up MP3 download

  • Workshop 3: Very First Signs for Babies and Toddlers plus Guide to Very First Signs download

  • Workshop 4: Top Tips for Successful Signing plus Top Tips download

  • Workshop 5: What to Expect from your baby signing journey and the Stages of Signing download

  • Workshop 6: Baby signing and Infant Mental Health plus our Building Happy Brains download

Part 2: the complete Little Hands series.

Six carefully chosen baby signing topics crafted to be individually complete but that also weave together as a whole, so that you can pick and choose the signs that are relevant for your family. 

Each topic includes 8 keyword signs to learn, our little baby signing stars - who show you exactly how it's done, a little know-how and gentle parenting support. Oh, and you'll find a topical nursery rhyme to sign along to as well!

  • Little Hands at Home is all about the importance of familiarity and security

  • Little Hands like to Bake helps out with life skills for little ones and the link to self esteem

  • Little Hands in the Garden is about the wonder in our little ones world and mental health

  • Little Hands like to Splash takes a look at brain development, eye contact and the delight of water for little ones

  • Little Hands go Out + About is centered around responsive care and reassurance for little ones who feel overwhelmed

  • Little Hands Safe + Sound concentrates on building resilience, trust and connection with a shared understanding
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Part 3: Little Signers Club Expert Guides

Baby signing in practice. 

These guides have been put together specifically to help with getting to the heart of frustration that your little one may be experiencing. 

Not one, not two but three expert guides (with a fourth on the way!) all about how you can use baby signing as a solution for Big Problems - crucial to winning at parenting and life with little ones under 4.  

Inside you'll find gentle strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution, all while supporting your baby or toddler with their emotional intelligence and feelings of self esteem.

There are a few bonus signs along the way, too!

Wait, wait!  There are gorgeous extra's too... 

All of this for £37?!

At Little Signers Club we don't do over-inflated pricing structures.  We believe in delivering outstanding products and services that are affordable and do exactly what we've promised.

But hand on heart, if Time In Toolkit™ was being delivered as training or classes, in person, this gorgeous set of topics and baby signing tools would cost no less than £250. 

(Yep, I gulped a bit when I worked it out too.)

But Time In Toolkit™ is an important addition to your parenting repertoire. 

And we all want it to be something that you can access easily and without worrying whether it’s worth it (and it is worth it, promise). 

£37 is an introductory rate; it will go up. 

You’ll have access for as long as you want it, whenever you want it - and we know that you’ll love it.  

It's perfect for anyone with little ones between 12 and 42 months or simply if you want to learn more about baby signing, the Little Signers Club way. 


Who is Time In Toolkit for?

Time in Toolkit has been designed for families with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers - and will be particularly brilliant between 12 and 42 months. 

It's very definitely for you.

You'll know because you'll feel a tug in your heart. 

The one that tells you that there simply must be a way to have more fun and reduce the stress that goes along with being the grown-up or carer of an under 4 year old.  

Our Super Power, here at Little Signers Club, is showing you how to do just that. 

Practical tips and parenting strategies, delivered in a way that is easy to understand and even simpler to implement. 

What you'll learn will remain with you, and your little one, for years.  

It is the most precious of gifts to your child, starting in babyhood, that lasts a lifetime.

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  • TIT Simplero Price Badge Time In Toolkit GBP 37.00

    “A beautifully put together resource, unbelievably valuable and worth every penny. Our babies would thank us if they could for giving them alternative opportunities to communicate and bond with us.”

    praise for Time In Toolkit™

  • bsb-video-overlay-1024x576 Baby Signing Basics™ - Guided 12 Week Course

    “I didn't expect all the extra developmental information and parenting tips which have been super useful. This is so much more than just baby signing”

    praise for Baby Signing Basics™

  • Little Signers Club

    “What a great learning experience. I was amazed when after only 3 weeks, my 12 month old son copied a sign.. Incredible! The online resources are great. The guides are easy to follow, and the downloads make it easy to come back to key points and tips. This has been so important for interaction (and time set aside for family time together) especially during Covid lockdown.”

    praise for Sing, Sign and Rhyme™

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8 baby signing topics | 80 sign videos | 6 workshops (video + audio)  | 3 expert guides | mp3 downloads | fb community
- and printables for your fridge!

  • TIT Simplero Price Badge Time In Toolkit GBP 37.00

    “Oh my goodness! Time in Toolkit is PHENOMENAL”

    praise for Time In Toolkit™

  • bsb-video-overlay-1024x576 Baby Signing Basics™ - Guided 12 Week Course

    “Everything is presented in a really easy to follow way. Using signing has helped me to feel even closer to my baby and it is now part of our daily routine. ”

    praise for Baby Signing Basics™

  • bsb-video-overlay-1024x576 Baby Signing Basics™ - Guided 12 Week Course

    “I gained so much more than learning a few signs. Holistic learning that aids communication and bonding and I would recommend to others! ”

    praise for Baby Signing Basics™

The team behind Little Signers Club...

Taught by experts ~ delivered with love.

Little Signers Club delivers award-winning children’s books and BSL-based baby signing classes to thousands of families across the UK, and beyond, through its network of qualified, experienced and passionate leaders.

 As a Speech and Language Therapist, I totally support the work that you do. It's so good for interaction between parent and child. 

I recommend Little Signers Club because they are well trained, with excellent programmes and well thought out class structure. 

Consultant Speech and Language Therapist

Founded in 2010 by Shelley, Little Signers Club’s mission is to help families unleash their children’s potential, giving them access to pre-verbal communication, supported and enhanced speech and language development, and gentle, nurturing, care as their grown-ups negotiate the world of parenting.

Built on an ethos of respectful and responsive parenting, and underpinned by a developmentally appropriate framework from ICAN, the Children's Communication Charity, Little Signers Club offers more than prescriptive sets of signs – it offers support, reassurance and friendship that sets families on course for a lifetime of love, laughter and connection.

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Your questions - answered!

When does this start? How do I get access to everything?

The short answer is, as soon as you join!

This is a self-paced, instant access, set of baby signing topics and workshops; all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything you need to get started - like your login details -  delivered straight to your inbox.

So you can start today!
Or tomorrow!
Or maybe next week?

But, truly, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be on the path to understanding what your little one wants or needs, just like baby signing mama Carrie.  

My baby can sign so much now and understand me signing even more. 

I couldn't imagine going back to him crying and me trying to work out what he wants. 

Which sign language system do you use?

At Little Signers Club we use British Sign Language signs in English word order.  This is sometimes called keyword signing or Sign Supported English.

We use British Sign Language because it is the UK’s 4th indigenous language and out of respect for the Deaf community; providing connection and understanding for everyone, breaking down barriers and isolation.

The sign videos that are included in the course are British Sign Language but the framework – the overview of what is being taught, why we teach what we teach and all the tips and Know-how – are transferable to any sign language system anywhere in the world. 

Just substitute your own local sign language if you wish.

Please note! This is not an accredited British Sign Language Level’s course and BSL syntax is not used for baby signing.

Oh. But we use Makaton; is Time In Toolkit suitable for us?

The short answer is yes - don't miss out! 

There is so much insight and knowledge about the very best ways to use sign language with little ones, as well as practical parenting tips and tools, waiting for you inside Time In Toolkit™ - regardless of the sign language system you use.

At baby signing level, BSL (British Sign Language) and Makaton share around a 90% compatibility; Makaton is derived from British Sign Language - many of the signs are exactly the same or compatible. So there is no reason why you can’t love Time In Toolkit™ too. 

If you use a different sign or two from those we show you, simply swap them to the signs you already know. Easy!


Will baby signing work for us?

As with any new skill, baby signing will need your time and commitment to get the very best out of it.

With your commitment, a sprinkle of Little Signers Club know-how and expertise, you’ll soon be well on your way.   We've made every effort to include the things you need to know for baby signing success - because, well, that's what we're good at. 

And should things not turn out as you expected, there will be plenty of support to get you back on track.

Is Time In Toolkit™ an Online Class that my baby watches too?

No, this isn’t an online version of our classes that you may have been used to attending with Little Signers Club during the pandemic.

We did extensive research with our lovely Little Signers families and they told us that they wanted all the resources – signs, expertise, nursery rhymes, inspiration, tips and someone to ask questions of – so that they could use it at home, to teach their little ones for themselves.

We really listened to that and this wonderful toolkit of resources and gentle guidance, for you to learn at home - and use when the time is right for your baby -  is the result. 

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Digital products are delivered immediately after purchase - and Time In Toolkit™ falls into this category. 

In the UK, digital products do not fall within the ‘cooling off’ 7 day period which is required, by law, when you buy physical products.

This means that you won't get a refund - but we are on hand to help if you need it!


Can I sign up and share this with a friend?

Sharing is caring.  Except when it's copyrighted. 

If you are not sure what copyright means, this is a very brief overview of what's ok to share - and what's not. Full terms are available for you to read when you sign up.

All of the Little Signers Club online and offline programmes and courses is work that is protected under copyright law.  This means that you can't share, publish or print information from the course unless it is for your own, personal, use for your household. This includes pdf’s, video, audio and text from the course or programme you have purchased.

Unfortunately, we sometimes get notice that the content from our courses and programmes are being copied somewhere else.

There is fifteen years of love and learning and experience and expertise in every Little Signers Club course or programme. So, of course, it causes problems when someone takes that for granted.

We really appreciate you for understanding just how much investment we have made into our work and helping us to protecting our copyright.

Does that mean I can't talk about this work with my friends, partner or family?

You are so welcome to talk about what you’ve learned, what you’ve loved and what is making a difference for you.

Conversations around respectful, responsive care of little ones and how to make parenting more joyful are so important; but your log-in access for Time In Toolkit™ is for personal use by the person who purchased it, or whom they gifted it to. 

And if you really love our work, we offer a generous Refer-a-Friend scheme that we’d love you to share with your friends.   

If you have any questions on this, or, for example, would like to license our programmes and courses for your setting/s, please let us know and we’ll be happy to take you through the options.


Leading Provider of Baby Signing Classes 2020; 4th Annual Social Care Awards | Hoop Hero; Little Signers Club North Nottingham 2019 / 2018  | Mummy’s Gin Fund; Expert Panel | Winner: Teach Early Years Awards 2018, At the Bottom of My Garden| Most Outstanding Infant Sign Language Training Consultancy 2017; Global Excellence Awards | Bizzie Baby Gold Award; Our Farmyard Friends, a Rhyme and Sign Adventure | Best Infant Sign Language Training Consultancy – UK; Consultancy Awards 2016 | Finalist, Whats On 4 Little Ones 2016 | Award Nominated, Mum and Working 2016 |Childcare Expo 2016, 2017 | ICAN Licensed Tutors | 5th Annual Babyroom Conference Canterbury Christ Church University | Lead Practitioners; Early Language Development Programme | Member of Neytco | Featured;  BBC1, Gurgle Magazine, Junior Magazine, Parent Tribe, The Mother | Contributor; ToddlerCalm, A guide for calmer toddlers | Award Nominated, Whats On 4 Little Ones 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015 | Official Partner for Hello, The Year of Communication and the Communication Trust | Finalist, The Baby Show for Trade  

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