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'Ten Little Fingers is one of the best courses I've done; the explanations about how communication and language develops that Shelley has included are invaluable.'

The 'too tired to think' version:

Firstly, and most importantly, hugs and love. I still remember it like yesterday.

Ten Little Fingers is a beginners course about baby signing and parenting with trust. 

Trust in yourself. 

Trust in your little one. 

You'll get 60 really important signs and be shown how brilliant they are when you are the grown-up of an under 4.

We include tips for tricky parenting moments (like nappy change time) and make baby signing, for gentle parenting wins, really easy. 

The results? 

Confidence, connection and an unshakeable belief that together, you and your tot, you've got this

 £50 (or Pay From The Heart) 
 access for six months 
 unlimited email / voicemail support 

The 'I got some sleep last night' version:

Ten Little Fingers is your complete beginners guide to baby signing, the Little Signers Club way!

Practical, effective and easy-to-use, Ten Little Fingers™ has been designed to introduce baby signing to little ones of any age and development stage. 

It's ideal if you are:

  • new to baby signing with an under 4 year old or
  • new to Little Signers Club or
  • new to respectful, responsive and gentle care of little ones.

Inside you'll find 60 signs that have been carefully considered and that will be so useful for your daily lives.

You'll be able to add these signs to your everyday signing vocabulary in gradual, easy to manage stages that leave you feeling accomplished - and ready for the next step!  

Along the way, you'll find some Little Signers Club Know-How.

These gentle tips transform those tricky parenting moments - wriggly little bottoms at nappy change time, for example, or washing that tiny face after a meal without tears - and you'll get a feel for our gentle, respectful, continuum inspired ethos too. 

The utterly magical thing about baby signing is you just need a little know-how, and your hands.

You bring your hands - we'll provide the know-how!

'I LOVE the emphasis on how signing can help facilitate deep bonding between my children and I. 

I love the way the course has been put together, it flows SO WELL and each section is just the right amount of info to be able to take in while simultaneously tending to the needs of little ones!'

So, what do you get?

  1. Three topics to introduce signs that you can implement really quickly.  

  2. Topics which are fun for everyone! Weave in new signs with much loved stories for little ones.

  3.  Peepo! our gorgeous story bonus topic

  4. Before You Begin guide to baby signing, for starting out correctly.

  • Communication Development guide.

You can:

  • stop and start Ten Little Fingers at any time
  • view it as many times as you want in response to your little one
  • go at your own pace
  • learn as many or as few signs as you like


Baby signing adds communication and deep understanding to your parenting journey.  It removes the guesswork.

And whilst it doesn't take away the tiredness that accompanies the everyday juggle of parenting, baby signing reduces the parenting burden enormously.


Because you'll have complete understanding that your baby wants their milk, sooner than expected - without tears or trying to guess what is wrong because they were just fed, like twenty minutes ago.

Or that your toddler wants the red plate - without tantrums and red-faced distress and because it's an important choice to them.

Baby signing is deceptively simple; Ten Little Fingers™ reflects this simplicity with signs that are easy to implement and topics that make a huge difference, quickly, to these parenting struggles.

You'll find, when you learn baby signing, the Little Signers Club way, that it is that very simplicity that results in the most remarkable of transformations - and a true insight into your little one's world; their wants, their needs, their passions and interests. 

Ten Little Fingersfrom Little Signers Club.

Putting trust and tenderness at the heart of your parenting journey.

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